Oklahoma, listen up! I opposed lockdowns publicly in 2020. I also publicly opposed ALL mask and vaccine mandates. The liberal left ridiculed me at the time. But now, the liberal left should apologize (but don’t hold your breath). According to today’s NY TIMES, South Korea, a nation that completely LOCKED DOWN and implemented the STRICTEST mandates possible (mask and vaccine), and obtained the HIGHEST vaccination RATE in the world is in trouble. The liberal left praised South Korea in 2020 and 2021! But now,  in 2022, South Korea has the highest number of Covid cases and deaths in the world. Why? South Korea thought (like the liberals) that “maximum suppression buys time for scientists to get to work, and find a sustainable exit from the  Coviid crisis. South Korea believed a pivot from maximum suppression to MASS vaccination was the rational and logical way to achieve a successful transition out of the pandemic.” Guess what. South Korea and the liberals were wrong. Disease-recovery immunity (natural immunity) is God’s way out of a pandemic. Government is not God. Think critically, speak truthfully, behave graciously, and live freely. And liberals, please learn to apologize when you are wrong. That includes Republicans In Name Only.