Joe Biden, the President of the United States (POTUS), has reversed Donald Trump’s protection of 78,000 private farms and cattle ranches in Oklahoma by declaring that “the waters of the United States” (WOTUS) are federally protected by the Clean Water Act, including all those private ponds, small streams, and wetlands on privately owned farms and ranches.

“Is that a big deal?”, you ask. Yes, it is. It is a very big deal for Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers.

When the federal government has no qualms about encroaching on a private business by telling a small rancher or farmer what he can and cannot do with his cattle and farm operations – all in the name of “clean water” – then that same government has no qualms encroaching on one’s personal body in the name of “public health.”

Liberty is like breathing. Appreciation for it rises in direct proportion to its loss. You don’t fully appreciate breathing until you can’t breathe. You don’t fully appreciate liberty until you’re no longer free.

I am running for Congress to fight the EPA, USDA, FSA, NRCS, RMA, CDC, FDA, NIH, and two thousand other “alphabet-soup” federal agencies that over-regulate, restrict, and encroach upon Oklahoma’s people and our property.

The LOTUS flower ought to be the symbol of resistance to federal encroachment. The LOTUS grows in the murkiest of muck, rising above the water with giant, pristine and showy leaves and flowers. Everything above water is immaculate, despite the filthy environment upon which they rest upon.


Oklahoma farmers and ranchers know how to raise the best cattle and crops in the Western Hemisphere. They don’t need the federal government treading on them or their property. It’s time for our Oklahoma Congressmen to FIGHT the alphabet soup agencies of the federal government to protect water and property rights as well as the personal liberties of all Oklahomans.

It’s not good anymore to talk like you’re a conservative or to pose as if you’re a conservative interested in the liberty of the people you represent.


As Ronald Reagan once said, “When the government tells the people that it is the solution to their problems, the government becomes the peoples’ problem.”