A few days ago I met with the editorial board of the Tulsa World: four men, one woman, and an invited reporter. They were all courteous, and we had a professional meeting in the board room with dialogue that lasted over an hour.

They did not like my policy statements. In fact, the conversation seemed contentious (belligerent?) on three important issues.

  1. ABORTION – I explained that the Constitution demanded security for “the right to life” of the human being in the mother’s womb and that abortion “is not a woman’s Constitutional right, but an encroachment on ‘the inalienable right to life’ of the baby.” ¬† The room became tense. “We disagree completely, Mr. Burleson. Abortion is about a woman’s rights.” The only woman in the room (an editor) continued, “Nobody knows when human life begins, and I don’t want the government telling me (a woman) what I can and cannot do with my body.”

I responded, “Answer me this. Why does the federal government punish an American citizen with imprisonment and a $100,000 fine for destroying a bald eagle egg? Even if you disagree with me that the life in the womb of a woman is human life, why do we treat the egg of a bald eagle better than the fertilized egg of a pregnant woman?”

No answer.

  1. GUN CONTROL – I stated the reasons for my support of the 2nd Amendment, giving constitutional, historical, and philosophical reasons for law-abiding citizens always being free to carry guns. Bottom line: “To remove weapons from the citizenry is necessary for fascism. The state can only completely control citizenry when the peoples’ ability to arm themselves is removed by the govenrment.”

To say the editorial board was apoplectic with my constitutional amendment is a mild understatement.

  1. TERM LIMITS – I explained that professional politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and others (Frank Lucas) who have been on the government payroll for 28, 38, or even nearly 50 years, are a blight on the political system of the United States. Our Founding Fathers – including George Washington himself – refused to serve more than two terms in office lest political office be thought of as a pleasurable reward rather than a personal sacrifice.

The editorial board felt differently. They explained that experience in Washington is needed to “keep our country running smoothly.”

CONCLUSION: Today, the Tulsa World endorsed Frank Lucas.

Don’t let the Tulsa World get what they are requesting. The current administration is being run by career politicians (Biden and Pelosi). Lucas voted with Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) 41% of the time during the last full session. Lucas is definitely more liberal than the conservative people of western Oklahoma in his voting record. During his 28-years in Congress, his lifetime voting scores by conservative ranking agencies are 58%, 59%, and 61%.