Knox Vicars was baptized this past Sunday (Mother’s Day) at Highland Baptist Church, Waco, Texas. Knox’s parents, Colonel Paul (USAF) and Marti Vicars, have been long-time friends of Rachelle and me. Colonel Paul Vicars, Ph.D. will be walking across the stage this Friday, receiving his doctorate from Baylor University and the U.S. War College. His dissertation is entitled “Combatant Moral Equality in Historical and Practical Context.” It is a brilliant defense of Natural Law and the moral ability to defend oneself and one’s family. Paul is also starting an LLC called Defend in Faith, a company that will train followers of Jesus Christ in the moral principles and practical steps of self-defense.
Is it possible for me to have a heart full of joy and sadness at the same time?
Hundreds of US Air Force pilots and officers are being “dismissed” from service due to a denial of their religious exemption requests to abstain from receiving the mRNA vaccinations for Covid-19.
Colonel Vicars may be in the same boat. Though Col. Vicars was instrumental in the modernization of the United States Air Force training of student pilots, it seems Paul’s religious exemption request may also be denied.
Why is this happening?
The Secretary of Defense, a political appointee of President Joe Biden, made it clear in October of 2021 that no religious exemptions for vaccination would be approved by the United States Air Force. The Secretary’s name is Frank Kendall III. Do you know what Frank did the four years previous to his assignment as the Secretary of the Air Force? He was a Senior Fellow for the American Center of Progress in Washington, D.C. Look it up. It is a progressive, socialist, neo-Marxist think tank.
I can’t help but wonder if there is an intentional attempt to diminish the United States military.
I watched Knox’s baptism video and was thankful for his father and a mother who were careful to train their son in the things of God. On the other hand, I’m deeply concerned over a nation that would remove our finest Air Force officers through a denial of their Religious Exemption requests regarding mRNA vaccinations.
When I get to Congress, I will do everything in my power to hold unelected officials responsible for their assault on individual religious liberty.
Congratulations, Knox, on your profession of faith in Jesus Christ. May the number of people with the convictions of your parents grow throughout our nation.