What is happening in Shanghai is inhumane and criminal. The Communist Party has locked down the Chinese people, caging them like animals, feeding them food and water like in a zoo, all in the name of “public health” due to increasing Covid cases. C.S. Lewis said, “Of all tyrannies, a tryranny exercised for the good of its victims is the most oppressive.” America, do NOT let the CDC become the CCP. Government control must at all costs be resisted.

Dog robots, air drones, and communist enforcers enforce a LOCKDOWN for 26 million residents of Shanghai. Citizens are tracked by Embedded Identity Documents on their cell phones. Nobody can leave their high-rise apartment. The Chinese people are starving. Others are jumping to their deaths. A drone tracks citizens and broadcasts: “COMPLY with Covid restrictions. CONTROL your soul’s desire for freedom. CLOSE your windows and do not scream or sing. ORDERS FROM THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY.”

Crazy? Of course. But please read the full text of U.S. Congressional House Resolution 550 entitled “The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act.” It’s the beginning of building a technological system just like China’s. We already have the authoritarian government (Fauci, Biden, Congress). Vote out every single Congressman who voted for H.R. 550.  We may not be China yet, but with Fauci, Biden, and a compromised U.S. Congress, it’s not long before we are.