Politics can be ugly. I know this first-hand. I am running for the United States Congress, District 3, Oklahoma.

I am the only candidate, House or Senate, who has had personal interaction with Jimcy McGirt.

Jimcy committed a horrific crime for which the State of Oklahoma sentenced him to prison in 1997 for two 500-year sentences.

After being transferred to a prison in western Oklahoma, Jimcy began listening to me speak on the radio.

He faithfully listened every Sunday for two years.

In early 2020, six months before the United States Supreme Court handed down the McGirt vs. Oklahoma decision, Jimcy wrote me a six-page handwritten letter explaining how he’d surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

He said, “finding you on the radio was no accident. The LORD had a plan for me.”

Jimcy’s handwriting is beautiful. His story is compelling.

Jimcy maintained his innocence of the crime for which he’s been convicted, but he wrote his letter to tell me that he’d received my book “Happiness Doesn’t Just Happen,” and it had greatly encouraged him.



In his letter to me, Jimcy wrote that “some out-of-state lawyers” had sought him out. They told Jimcy that they wanted to take his case and seek to bring it before the United States Supreme Court.

At the time, I had little clue that Jimcy had been sought out by these attorneys for the expressed purpose of dividing the state of Oklahoma.

I thought, as did Jimcy, that they had concern for a Native American who professed he’d been wrongly convicted (I don’t think so, myself).

In the realm of politics, people like Jimcy are often used and then discarded for the sake of policy changes.

On July 9, 2020, the United States Supreme Court handed down the McGirt vs. Oklahoma ruling. It is the most impactful Supreme Court ruling in the 115-year history of the state of Oklahoma.

The Supreme Court ruled:

  1. The Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Chickasaw, and Creek Indian Reservations (almost all of eastern Oklahoma) were never officially disbanded by the United States Congress.
  2. These former tribal lands in Oklahoma officially still exist. Any crime committed within the Indian Nations’ Reservations must be prosecuted by the Indian Nations and/or the United States federal government, not the State of Oklahoma.
  3. All criminals incarcerated by the State of Oklahoma for crimes committed in eastern Oklahoma tribal lands must be released immediately (July 9, 2020).



The Five Civilized Tribes were ecstatic over the McGirt Ruling. But the consequences for the state of Oklahoma have been severe.

  1. There are not enough federal prosecutors in eastern Oklahoma to handle criminal cases. The federal Justice Department is asking for hundreds and hundreds more employees in Oklahoma, the single largest budget request in the Justice Department’s budget request.
  2. Hundreds of crimes committed in eastern Oklahoma are not being prosecuted due to a lack of personnel to prosecute.
  3. Thousands of Oklahomans with sovereign nation status refused to file Oklahoma taxes these past two years.
  4. The President of the Cherokee Nation announced on Flag Day, June 14, 2022, that the Cherokee Nation’s Headquarters would no longer fly the Oklahoma state flag.
  5. The governor of Oklahoma and tribal leaders have a fractious relationship due to McGirt.
  6. The tribes want for themselves Sovereign Nation status. It would be like the Vatican in Italy. The Vatican is an independent state with Vatican Representation in other countries.
  7. The McGirt Decision has ongoing economic, social, and political repercussions for Oklahoma.



The Supreme Court said that the United States Congress must officially end the status of the Tribal Reservations in Oklahoma.

The problem is that U.S. Congressmen (Senators and Representatives) have been given BIG MONEY by the tribal casino bosses to be friendly toward them.



I am putting together a Congressional Legislation Plan for when I am elected to U.S. Congress. THE TOP FIVE PIECES OF LEGISLATION:

  1. YES ON BORDER SECURITY – I will call for a secure border and the impeachment of any official – President down – who flagrantly violates border laws by welcoming immigrants illegally.
  2. NO ON FOREIGN INVESTMENT – I will author a bill that gives foreign investors who have purchased prime Oklahoma farmland (the Chinese Communist Party owns 300,000 acres through shell LLCs) 60 days to sell their land, or it will be seized by state and federal officials and sold to the highest bidder of citizens from the United States.
  3. YES ON ELECTION INTEGRITY – I will author a bill that will require paper ballots and certified signatures with official United States identification at EVERY ELECTION within the 50 states of the Union.
  4. NO ON THE MCGIRT DECISION – listening to the Supreme Court, I will author legislation in Congress to officially END Tribal Reservations in Oklahoma.
  5. YES ON VACCINE LIABILITY – I will call for Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Banking, and Big Government (CDC, FDA, WHO) to be held accountable for vaccine injuries due to mandated vaccinations. No more cover. No more money. No more collusion. I will disrupt the system.

Winson Churchill says, “I love a man who smiles and fights at the same time.”

I smile at my friend Jimcy McGirt. He was released, recharged by his tribal government, and resentenced. He remains in prison, but being prosecuted, sentenced, and imprisoned for a second time was unnecessary.

I fight against the McGirt decision which divides the state of Oklahoma.

We need politicians of principle. I will fight to keep the federal government out of your business, your bank account, your backyard, and your body.

I can love people and live by principles.

If you send Wade Burleson to Congress, you won’t be sending a politician.

You’ll be sending a person who fights FOR Constitutional principles and LOVES people at the same time.¬†

P.S. The Tribes of WESTERN OKLAHOMA (Comanche, Cheyennes, Apache, Kiowa, etc.) are RUN OVER by the Big Five. I will fight to equal the playing field for you while placing supremacy in the State of Oklahoma, the great state we all love.American Constitutionalist vs. Christian Nationalists: United as Constitutionalists, We Will Stand