Had Enough? Two Elections Taking Place in Oklahoma’s Congressional Race, District 3.
When I decided to run for Congress in January 2022, I called my opponent Frank Lucas. I told him that I respected his service as our 28-year OK-CD3 Congressman (14 terms). I also explained that as I begin to draw a distinction between his voting record and my conservative principles, I would never attack him personally. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neal were great friends who respected each other, even though they had two different visions for our country.
Frank Lucas votes liberal. Yes, he speaks conservatively (quietly), but he votes liberal.
Frank’s LIFETIME voting scores from independent agencies that rate Republican Congressmen in terms of conservative values are as follows:
Compare those scores to Senator James Lankford, who received an 80% or above from those same respective scorecards. (Edit: One commenter below gave another scorecard for Senator Lankford of a low 73%).
Congressman Frank Lucas voted for a federal RED FLAG LAW (seizure of guns without due process), H.R. 550 (The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act), and he asked for an Oklahoma statewide mask mandate. Mr. Lucas has not just been silent about federal government encroachment; his voting record indicates he has actively supported federal government overreach. Frank Lucas joined every single House Democrat on November 30, 2021, in voting for “The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act,” a bill opposed by 180 House Republicans.
Lucas, at his request, was appointed by the House Conference Committee as the ranking member of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee (e.g. Big Tech). He was appointed as a member (at his request) of the Financial Services Committee (Big Banking). What does a cattle rancher from western Oklahoma have to do with big banking and big tech?
During this horrific Biden Administration, Lucas refused to request a waiver in January 2021 so that he could serve on the Agriculture Committee to protect the interests of Oklahoma farmers and ranchers as the new omnibus Farm Bill was beginning to be crafted by the Biden Administration. The 2023 Farm Bill will be voted on during the next Congress and it is packed with liberal pork projects and crushing EPA, USDA, and ultra-liberal environmental regulations. Lucas also did not request Committee membership on Natural Resources to protect Oklahoma oil and gas producers and fight to keep down the price of gas at the pump by opening up Oklahoma production. Again, Lucas asked to be a member of Big Tech and Big Banking.
So why has Frank Lucas been publicly endorsed by former President Donald Trump?
Politics. Pure and simple.
Senator James Lankford has not been publicly endorsed by Trump, and from my information, he will not be. James Lankford is a good man too, but he VOTES more conservatively than Frank Lucas. Sen. Lankford’s team, very influential in Washington D.C., pressed hard for a public Trump endorsement. Donald Trump’s own team recommended a Sen. Lankford endorsement.
Donald Trump refused.
Presumably, the Republican National Committee pressed the issue, along with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, ranking Republicans in the Senate and House respectively.
President Trump again refused.
Why will Mr. Trump not publicly endorse James Lankford?
January 6, 2021. On that day, it looked to Mr. Trump that Senator Lankford lacked the courage to stick to his principles. I’ve known James Lankford for thirty years. He had his reasons for doing what he did, but his team could not convince Mr. Trump that Sen. Lankford’s actions on January 6 were honorable.
Enter the endorsement of Frank Lucas via national Republican politics.
Trump’s public endorsement of Frank Lucas was the way Donald Trump’s team could appease the national Republican establishment and throw a carrot to all those pressing for a Lankford endorsement. Lankford’s Chief of Staff and Lucas’ Chief of Staff are very close friends.
The Lankford team believes a vote for Wade Burleson in OK-03 hurts Senator Lankford at the polls. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know.
I do know that when the Republicans take a majority in both the Senate and House this coming November 2022, elected Congressmen and Senators will VOTE for the new leadership in the House and Senate.
Kevin McCarthy desires to be Speaker of the House, the third most powerful position in the nation. Members of the majority party in the House (Congressmen) will vote for who they want to be Speaker. Frank Lucas owes McCarthy for his appointments to Big Banking and Big Tech in January 2021. Lucas will vote for Kevin McCarthy and Senator Lankford will vote for Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.
Thus, there is a second election in OK-CD3 on June 28, 2022. National Republican leadership (Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy) NEED Frank Lucas and James Lankford to win because…
Wade Burleson owes nothing to anyone in the Washington establishment.
I am a threat to the establishment. How big a threat? Let’s just say more and more people are surprised at this race. We are in it to win it. And…
I only owe the people of Oklahoma. You are my people. You are conservative, hard-working, and lovers of liberty. So am I.
You are not impressed with Washington’s political shenanigans. Neither am I.
If I win the Oklahoma Congressional District 3 Republican Primary race on June 28, 2022, nobody will own me when I get to Washington, DC. I will do what is best for the people of Oklahoma. Period.
That is precisely why a Congressman should be term-limited. When you stay in Washington too long, you owe too many people.
It would seem that Congressman Lucas agrees with me on term limits. He co-sponsored a bill seeking a Constitutional amendment to limit Congressmen to THREE terms in office. Congressman Lucas, however, is running for his FIFTEENTH term.
Had enough of politicians saying one thing and doing something else? You can’t fault one’s character for looking out for his own financial interests, his family’s future via potential lucrative lobbying jobs, and all the perks that come from the Washington political establishment. That person just shouldn’t be representing you in Washington.
It is time for Oklahomans to hold accountable our political leaders to not just present themselves as conservatives, but to vote conservative and to BE conservative. And to leave when they owe favors to too many people.
The Burleson For Congress team raised over $165,000 in February and March from individual Oklahomans. Frank Lucas received in that same quarter over $300,000 in Political Action Committee funds, much of which came from Big Banking, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and RNC PACS. Mr. Lucas has received individual contributions as well. Bill Gates from Seattle has given to Frank Lucas the maximum personal contribution in quarters past.
I will not have that kind of funding. Yet, nobody will outwork Wade Burleson and our incredible volunteer team. I will be in every county of OK-03 – some of the counties many times – before June 28. And I will never forget why I am going to Congress
I am running to protect your liberty and the liberty of your kids and grandkids. I want to keep the federal government out of your business, your bank account, your backyard, and your body.
Go to BurlesonForCongress.Com to see my platform called BEST FOR US.
Go to the polls on June 28 to vote for Wade Burleson. In addition, if you believe I am the person who will best represent your values, share this post.
Please, I request that all be respectful and kind to Congressman Frank Lucas and Senator James Lankford. What I have posted here is based on the information that I have received from many people who are friends and in the know about what is happening on the national level. I am only drawing a distinction between Lucas’ voting record and my principled convictions.
If my information is wrong, and Mr. Trump publicly endorses James Lankford in the future, then so be it. But if I am right, and the Washington establishment makes their way to Oklahoma to campaign for 28-year incumbent Mr. Lucas and Senator Lankford is not endorsed by Trump, then remember this post.
It’s politics.
If the LORD allows me to win a Congressional seat, it will not be due to the Washington establishment, PAC funding, or high-level endorsements.
It will be because the good LORD has convinced you that I am a man of my word and I will go to Washington DC to protect your life, your liberty, and your private property from increasing federal encroachment.