In this headline article and photo (O5.23.2022), there’s enough shame to spread around to every American. Abbott Foods, the largest manufacturer of baby formula was SHUT DOWN by the FDA and USDA earlier this year. They’ve been off-line because of U.S. government encroachment and overreach. At the same time, the FDA and USDA would not allow the importation of other nations’ baby formula because it wasn’t up to “American regulatory standards.” I’ve been in contact with Abbott Foods. The federal government regulatory agencies NEVER SHOULD have shut them down. The inept U.S. government created this “crisis.” America is now a third-world banana republic, with glowing headlines of baby formula famine rescue from other places. Ironically, the rescue comes from those same nations the FDA earlier banned.

I love our United States Air Force. But when the Defense Department has been in a systematic dismissal mode of our finest pilots and commanders over mandated experimental therapeutic Covid-19 shots and then produces marvelous photos of our reduced Air Force delivering baby food, it makes you want to cry. “Way to go Defense Department!” Great job delivering baby food to your own people.  It seems to me you should be more concerned with the potential war against China and Russia after the  People’s Republic of China (China) attacks The Republic of China (Taiwan).  Baby formula flyers won’t be as effective as the Strike Eagle fighters you dismissed.

The United States government and the military seem to be rotting from within through intentional actions. It’s why a political leader swears to “protect and defend the Constitution from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.”

The EPA is wrongly SHUTTING DOWN OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION in Oklahoma by overregulating oil and gas production due to  concerns over “the environment.” The government wants us dependent on all-electric items supported by a 55,000 national substation grid that can completely go off-line if just 9 substations are destroyed. Let me repeat. It is possible to remove the entire electric grid of the United States with well-placed rifle attacks at just 9 unprotected substations.

We are flaunting war with two countries that are the largest producers of cheap, efficient, carbon energy (China and Russia), and we will soon be in the position of begging these two enemy countries for the carbon energy we need.

Famine in America is on the horizon. The UN, WHO, WEC, EPA, USDA, FDA, and every other alphabet-soup foreign and domestic agency is encroaching on and overregulating our It is time for a change in Washington.

No more politics as usual. No more politicians who are more interested in letting a boy into your daughter’s restroom than keeping China out of your farmlands.

No more politicians who think it’s bold and brave to shut down baby formula manufacturers in America and then use our reduced Air Force to supply baby formula to our people during a famine. 

No more politicians who spend years in Washington D.C. enriching their own bank accounts while creating policies that lead to inflation that reduces American bank accounts.

The status quo must end.small ranchers and farmers right out of business. The Chinese Communist Party now owns 300,000 prime acres of farmland in OKLAHOMA.

What is happening?