The Protection of LIFE

·       Abortion and euthanasia are violations of Natural Law. All philosophies and religions that seek the common good of our world maintain respect for human life from conception until a natural death. I will work to protect life, including expanding adoption services.

·       Congress alone has the Constitutional power to declare war. The last time a president sought Congressional approval for war was in 1942 when President Roosevelt went to Congress for a declaration of war against Romania and Hungary. I will work for Congressional approval before entering war.

·       Capital punishment for murder is designed to protect the sanctity of human life. Life maintains its sacredness in society by the death of the one who intentionally takes a life.


The Pursuit of LIGHT

·       The United States Congress must shine light on our elections. Election integrity is a must.  It is unconscionable to require identification when entering a restaurant, making a financial transaction, or driving a car, but not when voting in an election. Even a pandemic is no excuse for darkness over who, when, and where U.S. citizens vote. Ballot harvesting is illegal for a reason, and Congress must put a stop to it.

·       The United States Congress must shine light on what is happening in agriculture around our country as ranchers and farmers are being strangled by the United Nations’ globalist agenda (through programs like Agenda 21 and 30 by 30). Every citizen must understand the struggles our farmers and ranchers face and how they affect the food supply for all of us. Congress must say no to One World initiatives and protect a Made in America food supply.


The Promotion of LIBERTY

·      Political action has as its aim either conservation or change, so the definition of a conservative changes over time. The Founding Fathers were deemed liberal or progressive by the British Parliament, but today Americans consider the liberty upon which our country was founded an inviolable principle. Liberty is like breathing, as appreciation for both rises in proportion to their loss. 

·      We must protect and promote liberty by respecting bodily autonomy and requiring informed consent in medicine, limiting regulation on businesses, restricting the federal government’s hand in education, requiring freedom to practice religion without interference, guarding free speech and freedom of the press, limiting censorship in social media, and safeguarding the pursuit of happiness in family life.