Wade Burleson is BEST FOR US

Border Security
We must secure our borders to protect both our citizenry and those who wish to legally enter this great country in order to become a part of it.
Energy Independence
While renewable energy has its place, fossil fuels are abundant and cost-effective. To regain our energy independence, we must encourage fossil fuel production.
Second Amendment
“…shall not be infringed…” (Constitution of the United States, 1789)
Term Limits
Politicians can’t represent people with whom they’ve lost touch. We must adopt term limits to ensure a continuous flow of representatives rising from the ranks of the people.

Government should not encroach on its citizens.
We must protect our God-given rights, including life (from conception to death), liberty (including speech, religion, press, medical consent, and parental rights), and private property.
Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcomes. Every citizen deserves an opportunity to thrive (or fail) by freely exercising Constitutionally protected liberties.
Oklahoma’s unmatched farmers & ranchers should be free to operate unfettered by government regulations or globalist agendas. They deserve Farm Bill support.

Upholding the Constitution
“The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” guide good government. Free and fair elections are the foundation of our constitutional government.  
Standing Against Anti-American Ideologies
American ideals extend well beyond personal peace & prosperity. I will stand against ideologies that are counter to the core tenets of our constitutional liberties, such as communism, socialism, and globalism.