A lesson on why your milk, bread, meat, gas, and other staple goods are skyrocketing in price, rising 7.9% in February 2022, the highest inflation rate in decades.

The FEDERAL RESERVE (e.g., the FED) was created by the U.S. government and corporate banks in 1913 to fund government debt.  The FED keeps track of inflation every month. The FED manipulates the input data to keep the inflation picture rosier than reality. But even with rosy rounding, today’s inflation news is breathtakingly brutal.

Let me explain.

For the first 55 years of the FED (1913 to 1968), the prices of our consumer goods tripled. But from 1968 to today, the second 55 years of the FED, the prices of our consumer goods have soared TENFOLD to what they were in 1968.

Question: Why has there been so much increase in consumer prices since 1968?

Answer: The United States Government’s debt.

Our politicians in Washington D.C – both Republican and Democrat – have approved mind-boggling government debt. In 1968, our government owed 348 billion (with a B). But in 2022, the U.S. government’s debt and UNFUNDED liabilities total 123 TRILLION (with a T).

Government debt today is 353 times more than what it was in 1968.  By comparison, it is like you owed the bank $900 in 1968 but today you owe the bank over $317,700. You’re bankrupt. You can’t even pay the interest.

Now for the really BAD NEWS.

Let’s say you CONTROL the bank like the GOVERNMENT CONTROLS the FED. You walk into the bank today and ask them for more money to pay your bills. They say, “Okay, but we’ll need to raise interest rates.” You respond, “But I can’t even pay the interest I owe now?” They say, “Don’t worry about it, you sit on our board! We’ll go in our little back room and create for you some more money so you can give us the interest payments you owe. Oh – and by the way, we only SAY we will raise interest rates because we have to keep the OTHERS from spending their dollars, but we’ll really not RAISE the rates for you so that you can stay afloat.”

That’s exactly what the FED does in conjunction with the United States government. The FED issues “STIMULUS” (they print fiat currency), and they say it is “for the economy!” But in reality, it’s to keep the United States government from defaulting on its astronomical debt.

That’s the SOURCE of our inflation.


There’s no easy way out.

One way to attempt to “get out” of the jam is for the U.S. government to do “A GREAT RESET.” That means they make “the dollar” go away and a “new currency” takes its place. All debt is “forgiven,” but unfortunately, all “savings” are wiped out. Your retirement accounts, your bank accounts, and the dollars under your mattress are declared “worthless.” The U.S. government gives you a new “digital dollar” that you carry on your phone electronically. Of course, the government will “add to” or “take from you” digital dollars depending on your social acceptability. You must praise your leaders and keep your mouth shut while they take your liberties and your freedoms.

In other words, you must be trained to be compliant under Big Brother (government) in order to accept “The Great Reset.” Don’t dare question the government! It has your back (e.g. “We’re all in this together!”).

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of China already controls digital currency on its citizens’ phones by monitoring and policing citizen compliance. Last month, Canada’s socialist government seized bank accounts of Canadians protesting their loss of liberty.

The United States House of Representatives has a “Science, Space, and Technology” committee. This committee pushed through a bill (H.R. 550) on November 30, 2021, giving the United States government the same kind of “platform”  as the CCP has on its citizens’ phones. This new “technology” allows the U.S. government the platform to keep your social score, medical passport, and digital dollars under its control.  The US House is mimicking the Chinese Communist Party.

If you don’t believe me, read House Resolution 550. Technology platforms are like roads. You can’t drive anywhere until you first build the roads. The US government is very interested in your business profits, how much you have in your bank accounts, and even what you do in your backyard. Why? Because our government needs what you have. They also need you compliant and obedient to continue their domination over a blind public and keep their brutal power over us.

Remove every single politician from Washington D.C., whether Democrat or Republican, who has contributed to the mess we’re in. Any politician, banker, or corporate leader who utters the word GREAT RESET is in on the corrupt game of massive debt, free money, and ultimately, a default of the United States government.

It is “We the People” who ultimately pay for the corruption in Washington D.C.