The United States federal government wasted $163 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments in 2020. People used other people’s names, Social Security numbers, and identity information to receive illegal government payments during Covid. According to Larry Turner, the U.S. Labor Department’s Inspector General, the U.S. government has been able to recover less than 0.5% of the $163 BILLION fraudulent payments.¬†

Let me put this in perspective for you.

From our nation’s founding in 1776 to the year 2000, the government’s TOTAL ANNUAL DEFICIT never exceeded $163 billion except for four years (1990-1994). Yet in 2020, in just ONE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, the FRAUD exceeded $163 billion.

That’s your money. You, the taxpayers funded this fraud. If it were a fraud perpetrated on customers by a business, the owner would be in jail. If it were a charitable scam dreamed up by a non-profit, the non-profit would be closed and the directors punished. But when the government is part of a fraud perpetrated on the American people by crooks, we re-elect the politicians who legalized the payments, continue the employment of government workers in the Labor Department who mismanaged the payments, enabled the fraud, and can’t recover the money.

The American people seem to yawn. Americans are asleep while our country is sliding into bankruptcy, irrelevance on the world stage, and extraordinary weakness because of moral decay.