On January 11, 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) outlawed the use of ENLIST for Oklahoma farmers. What is ENLIST? It is a safe, effective weed killer which has been used by U.S. farmers since 1945.  But after thousands of Oklahomans planted their 2022 soybean crop, the EPA unexpectedly and without warning, banned the use of ENLIST.


According to the EPA, it’s to save the American Burying Beetle (ABB).

The United States federal government has become the theater of the absurd. There are 400,000 thousand VARIETIES of beetles. The American Burying Beetle is just one variety of the MOST NUMEROUS kind of insect. Beetles DESTROY crops. A U.S. farmer couldn’t get rid of beetles if he dropped a RUSSIAN NUKE on his fields.

Yet the EPA has banned ENLIST to “save” the American Burying Beetle.

But what about saving Americans?

The soybean crop, a staple of the American food supply system, is now in jeopardy because of FEDERAL OVERREACH. The soybean crop is used as quality protein and digestible energy in animal feed.  The soybeans not used as feed are turned into tofu and soy milk for human consumption. In addition, the oil that remains after processing out the soybean meal has many uses including cooking oil, biodiesel and bioheat, and non-toxic industrial supplies like paints and cleaners.

The communism and socialism of a New World Order will use AGRICULTURE to obtain its goals. In a New World Order, the American Burying Beetle is more important than the American Food Supply. The UN believes we must have “equity” among the nations. In the name of EQUITY, the United States’ farmers and ranchers must be OVERREGULATED in order to give lesser nations farmers and ranchers a chance to sell their crops and products on the world market.

I met today with Tony and Connie Kodesh, owner of the Diamond K Farms and Seed Company (Red Rock, Oklahoma), as well as a number of ranchers and farmers in Oklahoma who are fed up with the SWAMP of alphabet soup federal agencies that are encroaching on OKLAHOMA ranchers and farmers and their properties and way of doing business.

Oklahoma farmers and ranchers need a CONGRESSMAN who will FIGHT the SWAMP of Washington D.C. They want a Representative who will fight for them against the federal overreach of the United States government and the United Nations 30 by 30 Agenda.

Our nation’s survival depends on the LIBERTY of our farmers and ranchers to grow their crops and raise their beef cattle WITHOUT government encroachment.

When elected to Congress, I will write legislation that protects the small farmer and rancher from federal overreach. I will haul before Congress any unelected bureaucrat who thinks more about saving a farm beetle than saving a farm business. I will hold them accountable for their unjust actions.

It’s not enough to say you believe in LIBERTY, it’s time to fight for it.