Statement on Agricultural Policy

“Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds.” 

Thomas Jefferson (letter to John Jay, Aug 23, 1785)

Agricultural policy should be guided by these first principles: liberty and love of country. Our current leadership has put farmers and ranchers in a difficult situation.  I am committed to best representing Oklahoma’s Third Congressional district by serving on the House Agriculture Committee. In order to mitigate some of these problems, I am proposing the following:

  1. Reducing the cost of fertilizer by eliminating tariffs on imported fertilizer.
  2. Reducing the price of fuel, fertilizer, and ag inputs by reinstating President Trump’s policy of energy independence.
  3. Reducing burdensome regulations that inhibit/restrict agricultural production including prohibiting the use of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores to ensure access to capital.
  4. Strengthen the crop insurance program to ensure stability in farming and ranching operations.
  5. Ensure transparency in beef pricing.
  6. Work with and listen to Oklahoma Agricultural groups to achieve the best results for OK-3 farmers and ranchers.
  7. Prevent foreign ownership of agricultural land and critical agricultural related enterprises.
  8. Provide principled opposition to any attempt to delegate US sovereignty to groups such as the UN or the WHO.
  9. Ensure the USDA is returned to its primary focus of supporting US agriculture and not used for partisan purposes or supporting a radical climate agenda.
  10. In these times of massive federal debt, the most effective means of supporting agriculture is not by making sudden changes to the Farm Bill or by throwing more money at our current problems.  The best method going forward is the promotion of sound policies that foster freedom and free enterprise.

It is critically important that US agriculture is allowed to produce abundant supplies of food, not only for the US but also the world via fair trade deals.  This has become a national security issue and is crucial to global stability.  We cannot keep electing the same representatives and expect things to change.

I will fight to effect the change we need.