“Social science accounts for national disasters after they happen.

Social responsibility stops national disasters before they occur.”

Wade Burleson


For the sake of your family, you should read this letter. Don’t stop reading until the end.

My name is Wade Burleson, and I am running for United States Congress.

I am not a career politician. I have a degree in Finance and Business Administration. My wife has her doctorate in nursing from Vanderbilt. I am a writer, podcaster, and historian. I am running for Congress because I want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a land full of liberty.

You probably sense that something is “off” in terms of the United States. Maybe you can’t explain it, but you intuitively feel that something isn’t right. 

I will give words to your feelings in this Open Letter.


As I write, the World Economic Forum is convening in Devos, Switzerland (May 22-29, 2022). On the agenda will be amendments to existing treaties that will allow the World Health Organization (WHO) to control “pandemic response” among treaty nations, including the United States of America.

C.S. Lewis once said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

In the name of the “public good,” globalists desire individuals to abdicate their right to privacy, free speech, and medical autonomy.

It may sound harmless to give WHO control over America’s response to our next pandemic, but if you wish to know the “what and how” of WHO’s response to a pandemic, then search “Shanghai Lockdown.” For several weeks in the winter and early spring of 2022, the Chinese Communist Party – in conjunction with WHO – locked down residents of Shanghai for fear of an increase in Covid infections. Dog robots and drones patrolled the streets broadcasting the following message in the Mandarin language:

“Ignore your soul’s desire for freedom. Close your windows. Shut your doors. Do not sing. Do not scream. We will bring you the food and water you need.”

There are people who jumped to their death from high-rise buildings in Shanghai during the 2022 Lockdown.

Like Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty or give me death,” became the cry of the Chinese.

WHO is funded and controlled mostly by globalists and the Chinese Communist Party. Why would Americans allow WHO to determine the appropriate actions of the United States during the next pandemic?

I am running for Congress to fight government and globalist control.


The United States of America is bankrupt. We have over 120 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities and national debt. The government will never be able to pay back its debt.

The American dollar is worthless.

Inflation is not the result of corporate greed. Inflation exists because the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the American government increased the supply and circulation of American dollars. There are more dollars in circulation in 2022 than in all the other years of our country’s existence combined.

How did the United States government become bankrupt?

It began in 1913 when the United States government created the Federal Reserve, allowing a system whereby the government could borrow money at low and favorable interest rates.

The decline into bankruptcy continued in 1933 when President Roosevelt interrupted a national radio broadcast to mandate that all United States citizens must turn in their privately held gold. “But don’t worry,” the President said, “Bring your gold to your local bank and we (the government) will give you $20.36 per oz of gold.”

Fines for disobeying this government order included 10 years in prison and $10,000 (over $100,000 in today’s inflationary dollar).

Our parents and grandparents obeyed the government. Just days later, President FDR declared that the “price of gold” was now over $36.00. In effect, the government cut its debt in half by taking the people’s gold. But at least the dollar was still tied to the gold standard.

Our final descent into bankruptcy occurred in 1971 when President Nixon interrupted a national television broadcast of BONANZA to announce that the American dollar was being taken off the gold standard. The government could now “create” dollars without the gold in Fort Knox to back the dollars the government printed. 

During the last 50 years, our government has recklessly spent money it doesn’t have. The USA government’s debt is now unimaginable and unpayable.

The only solution for the United States is a “Great Reset,” that is, a NEW CURRENCY. Janet Yellen, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve has stated that the United States will have a new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) within two years. Many believe it will be much earlier.

One morning you will wake up and all of America’s mainstream media will announce that every dollar bill and coin you have at your house will need to be brought to your local bank. “But don’t worry,” the government will tell you through the media, “You will receive a new CBDC for every dollar you turn in.”

The government will then burn the cash. They will destroy it. The American dollar will be no more.

And now the government will know every single financial transaction that you make. Your bank account will be digital, and access to it will be from your Embedded Identity Document (EID) on your phone, activated by biomedical science (thumbprint or eye scan).

Government control of its citizens is total when the government totally controls the currency.

Where does this new and invisible “ghost” currency derive its value?


Not gold. Not silver. Not platinum. No material “backs” the new American dollar, only “trust” in the government.

But what happens if there is no longer “FAITH” or “CREDIT” from the citizens toward the government?

Answer: THE CURRENCY IS WORTHLESS. Therefore, the next step is taken.


ESG SCORES (Environmental, Social, and Governance Scoring)

When citizens begin to lose faith in their government, tyrannical government leaders force citizens’ compliance.

A Ministry of Disinformation is created to protect the government. It is essential that only government-approved information is spread through the media.

The danger of so-called “disinformation” – at least according to the government – is that the citizens will “lose faith” in government economists, doctors, educators, and leaders if disinformation is not stopped.

Without government control of information, a fiat currency becomes worthless, because it is only the “full faith and credit” of the government that backs the currency.

ESG scores are the government’s way of measuring its control of citizens. How obedient are you to government dictates regarding climate and health? How restrained are you in criticizing the government on social media? How acquiescent are you to the government in general?

ESG scores for corporations are only a stepping stone to ESG scores for citizens.

The government of the United States of America is taking steps to implement ESG scores in conjunction with the new CBDC currency.

I am running for Congress to stop the centralization of currency and the Orwellian governmental attempt at controlling the spread of information through a Ministry of Disinformation.



Globalists’ attempts to control agriculture, economics, medicine, and education in the United States of America run contrary to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The people of the United States of America will not give up their freedom, turn over their liberty, or willingly succumb to global tyranny.

I am running for Congress to keep global economists, the World Economic Forum, WHO, and the federal government out of our businesses, our bank accounts, our backyards, and our bodies.