Some Americans like the idea of others controlling their lives. Money? Let’s depend on the FEDS. Banking? Let the IMF control our assets. Health? Let’s do what the CDC or WHO tells us is best. Travel? Let the FAA set the terms. Food? Let the EPA, USDA, and FDA supply us. The Economy? Do whatever the WEC (World Economic Forum) tells us. Media? ABC, NBC, CBS, and other mainstream tell us the truth.
From May 22-29, 2022, the World Economic Forum in conjunction with the World Health Organization will meet and vote to give WHO complete and final control over the 193 member-nations of the United Nations in matters of public health. When it comes to the next pandemic WHO will control citizens of the USA. President Biden has already given his consent to WHO control.
The majority of board members of WHO are affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If you want to see how WHO and the CCP controlled Covid this month, GOOGLE “Shanghai and Covid Lockdown” and listen to the screams of 23 million Chinese people under the total control of the government.
Just like politicians rolled over and did nothing when the CCP began buying Oklahoma farms (300,000 acres), turning precious wheat, corn, and cattle farmland into POT FACTORIES, politicians are now silent about this transition of control in terms of public health.
Such tyrannical control over your life will eventually harm you. When you can’t make your own decisions regarding your family, your finances, your food, or your future, you are being led down a highway of personal danger.
Alice Edwards of American Web Media writes that the Tesla Model X (2016), while in cruise control, can be fooled by altered speed-limit signs (as pictured). Signs with a single piece of tape added to the middle of the number “3” can cause the Tesla X to read the speed limit as 85, not 35, and dangerously accelerate.
Tesla came under investigation due to 127 complaints from the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), claiming “sudden unintended acceleration” put drivers in danger. The Tesla X flaw resulted in 110 crashes and 52 injuries.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Americans, don’t put your life in cruise control. Our best governance comes from “We the People,” not foreign entities. The wisest decisions we make are those that come from being persuaded and convinced by government officials, not forced and mandated. Get informed. Stay involved. Be engaged.